Experienced Direction

Six years experience using Sunapsis, guiding institutions toward optimizing foreign population management.

Immigration Knowledge

As someone who speaks both tech talk and visa-ese, I can bridge the gap between your tech team and your immigration services team.


Get the documentation your staff needs to use Sunapsis to the fullest: Documentation customized for your specific business practices or simply guides that supplement the official Sunapsis information.


Alerts, Reports, Tables. A few tweaks here and there make the system work for your business practices, not against them.

About Me

Welcome! My name is Anna Eppink and I can help with your Sunapsis needs.

Since 2011, I have been accumulating experience with Sunapsis. For four years as an office manager and application administrator, I supported The Scripps Research Institute’s (TSRI) International Services Office.

Beginning in 2015, I set off on my own as an independent consultant. One of my first projects was working with the University of Massachusetts on implementing Sunapsis for its multiple campus system and within the HR, employment-based visa space.

Other clients include Northeastern University’s General Counsel and Office of Global Services, as well as The Scripps Research Institute.

I meet all my clients’ needs with innovative solutions for managing foreign personnel records and fully utilizing Sunapsis features. My services provide comprehensive support for electronic form development, customizing Sunapsis features, data reporting, automation features, and end‑user training. Additionally, I have led multiple offices into modern, paperless environments.

Summary of Qualifications:

 Four years with The Scripps Research Institute overseeing the Sunapsis application.

 Two years supporting institutions as an independent consultant.

 Kick-started the University of Massachusetts implementation from over a year standing still to multiple campuses beginning use.

 Specializing in employment-based visa configurations.

 Services: Implementation, Optimization, Customization, Alerts, E-Forms, Checklists, Reports, Training, Business Practices, Data Management, Paperless Conversions.

 As a former SEVIS DSO/ARO at TSRI, I am knowledgeable in both immigration and technical aspects.

The help you need to make Sunapsis takeoff for your institution!