Did you just acquire Sunapsis? Receive the help and training to get up and running quickly.

Have you had Sunapsis for a while but feel you do not use all the features or use them effectively? Learn new and more effective ways to make the most of your Sunapsis installation.

Do you want to make Sunapsis even more functional for your institute with custom alerts, reports, and other features? Some custom features can help save you even more time for the tasks that really need your attention.

Are there tasks that you feel take more time than they should? Sunapsis is flexible with many options for completing tasks. There may be a better way!

I provide application administration services across the range of Sunapsis features. If you have questions as to whether I can or cannot help with your needs, contact me for a free initial consultation.

I meet all my clients’ needs with innovative solutions for managing foreign personnel records and fully utilizing Sunapsis’ features. My services provide comprehensive support for electronic form development, customizing Sunapsis features, data reporting, automation features, and end‑user training. Additionally, I have led multiple offices into modern, paperless environments.

If there are any tasks you feel are taking an inordinate amount of time, it is likely I can help you uncover better, faster ways to complete them.


E-Form Management and Implementation

Templates and E-Form Data Importation

Checklist Configuration

Online Services Configuration

User Profiles and Preferences

Alerts and Alert Email Automation

SEVIS Configuration

Email Services and Form Letters

General Application Configuration

Support & Training

Technical and End-User Support, Training, Troubleshooting

Professional Level Documentation (See a Sample)

Email Services and Form Letters

Application Updates and Hotfixes, Pre-production Testing

SEVIS RTI & Batching

Datafeed Support

Backend Support, Specialized Report Generation, Database Administration

Data Entry Standards and Business Processes Development

System Updates, Hotfixes, and Pre-Production Testing

Provide liaison support between Institute and Indiana University

Reporting & Compliance

Reporting Services including Open Doors

Specialized Report Generation

Data Validity Auditing